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Reflections From The South: Killings Fields – Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa And Implications For African Unity and Solidarity

The Killing Fields
After the xenophobic violence of May 2008 that led to more than 60 people killed and more than 100 000 displaced, there was hope and high expectations – in view of the response to the violence and numerous interventions by the government, political parties, religious bodies, human rights organizations and civil society in general – that never again will such incidents of violence, brutality and intolerance be witnessed again in South Africa at such levels.
However recent xenophobic attacks, such as the brutal killing of a Zimbabwean national, Farai …

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Africa Day: A Reflection On African Unity And Solidarity 48 Years Later

Apart from a Michael Essien’s Africa 11 versus World 11 charity soccer game held in Accra, Ghana to promote peace in Africa, the official celebration at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa and similar functions in a number of African states, the 48th Anniversary of Africa Day came and went without much interest and notice by many Africans in the African continent and diaspora.

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African Democracy Series: The African Commons

This post is the first one in a series titled African Democracy that deals with the issues related to democratization process in Africa in the contexts of its historic and contemporary local realities. The general presumption of the series is that immense complexities Africa represents are not necessarily suitable for a direct adaptation of an “American version of Democracy” and that the task of democratization of Africa may require a paradigm shift in defining what is truly involved in building a system that is socially, politically, economically and ecologically just but also feasibly implementable in Africa by peaceful means.

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Genocide: Pain Unnumbed

The social, political and ethnic complexity of Africa is staggering; the continent’s more than 53 countries and territories houses over 800 nationalities which communicates in over 2,000 languages with 50 of which have more than 1 million speakers each. The related stories, their related history and dynamics of the follow-up reality are far beyond the scope presented by large Western news organizations, such as CNN that typically limits the analysis to a buzzword- and headline-based coverage.