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Protest Funding Of Genocide & Humanitarian Blockade In Ethiopia

September 7th 2011
National and International Protest Against Tax-Dollars Indirectly Funding Genocide in the Ogaden & the Illegal Humanitarian Blockade in Ogaden
Minneapolis MN * San Diego CA * Los Angeles CA * Fargo ND * Denver CO * Dallas, Texas * Stockholm Sweden … and more

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Weapon Aid

Recent years, and now 2010, are seen as years of great natural disasters that also in a great way unify good people all over the world that are rushing to aid those who are suffering. That occasional need involves practically all the continents including Africa. But, in recent years, we need to pay attention also to another type of aid that is being supplied in abundance. This one, however, is actually greatly capable of harming people; it is the “weapon aid”.

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Mothers vs. AK-47s

I had an interesting dream few days ago. In it, without sounding too grandiose, I had a revelation on how to prevent man-made violence in the world. I bet you are getting interested — keep reading then.