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AfrobeatRadio on South Sudan Independence Referendum

Are peace and self-determination possible for the Sudanese people, despite troops amassing in both north and south, and vast oil wealth, concentrated in the South and coveted by competitive foreign powers?
Ann Garrison reports on Sudan Referendum January Sat 8, on WBAI 99.5 FM NY, streaming live @ WBAI.Org at 4:00 PM EST. Guests: Mugume D. Rwakaringi, Rev. Dr. Nikita Imani, Peter Erlinder, Milton Allimadi.

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El-Bashir in Kenya Despite ICC Arrest Warrant

Despite the arrest warrant issued to Sudan’s President Omar El-Bashir, on Friday, Omar attended the promulgation of Kenya’s new constitution as the guest of the state. This didn’t go down well with the international community who criticized Kenya for failing to arrest Bashir as per the ICC agreement.

The International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) asked the government to arrest Mr Bashir since Kenya is a signatory of the International Criminal Court.

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Military Intervention In Somalia; An End To Somalia’s Crisis?

The extra ordinary summits of heads of African states and governments meeting for IGAD, (the Inter Governmental Authority on Development) have called for military intervention to restore peace in war torn Somalia. The Executive Director of IGAD Eng. Mahboub Maalim said regional countries and member states of the IGAD need to create a unified synergy towards dealing with the Somali crisis that now threatens peace and stability while compromising security and safety in the Horn of Africa countries.

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Suliman Baldo on Sudan’s Historic Elections

Our guest today is Suliman Baldo, we sat down to a conversation on the unfolding historic elections in Sudan and his prognosis for post election in Sudan. Suliman Baldo is a widely recognized Sudanese, expert on conflict resolution, emergency relief, development, and human rights in Africa. He has worked extensively in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan, and traveled widely throughout the rest of the African continent.

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Khalid Kodi Exhibits Blue Tales at Skoto Gallery.

Skoto Gallery is pleased to present Blue Tales, an exhibition of recent works by the Sudanese-born artist Khalid Kodi. This will be his second solo show at the gallery. The reception is Thursday, April 1, 6-8pm and the artist will be present. Khalid Kodi’s recent work continues his exploration of strategies that fuse personal history and experience with his desire to portray social, spiritual and utopian transformations. He creates works that are infused with strong references to magical realism and deep concern for the aesthetic struggle between form and concept.

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Genocide: Pain Unnumbed

The social, political and ethnic complexity of Africa is staggering; the continent’s more than 53 countries and territories houses over 800 nationalities which communicates in over 2,000 languages with 50 of which have more than 1 million speakers each. The related stories, their related history and dynamics of the follow-up reality are far beyond the scope presented by large Western news organizations, such as CNN that typically limits the analysis to a buzzword- and headline-based coverage.

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Weapon Aid

Recent years, and now 2010, are seen as years of great natural disasters that also in a great way unify good people all over the world that are rushing to aid those who are suffering. That occasional need involves practically all the continents including Africa. But, in recent years, we need to pay attention also to another type of aid that is being supplied in abundance. This one, however, is actually greatly capable of harming people; it is the “weapon aid”.