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African Democracy Series: Africa and Democracy

This post is the second one in a series titled African Democracy that deals with the issues related to democratization process in Africa in the contexts of its historic and contemporary local realities. The general presumption of the series is that immense complexities Africa represents are not necessarily suitable for a direct adaptation of an “American version of Democracy” and that the task of democratization of Africa may require a paradigm shift in defining what is truly involved in building a system that is socially, politically, economically and ecologically just but also feasibly implementable in Africa by peaceful means.

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Prof. Soyinka Launches New Political Party in Nigeria

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka announced the launch of a new political party, the Democratic Front for People’s Federation DFPF. The party he said at a lecture celebrating his 76th birthday will represent an “organ of collaboration for progressive forces” to unseat the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

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100,000 Women March, Dogo-Nahawa, Never Again!

In a scenario reminiscent of women’s protests during colonial times, and perhaps the only time since Nigeria’s independence that so many women came together in one place to act together on one overriding issue, the Jos women for Peace march brought out a hundred thousand women to downtown Jos, Nigeria to march, protest and mourn the children and women killed in the most gruesome manner during the March reprisal attacks in Dogo-Nahawa village, determined that Dogo-Nahawa will Never happen Again.

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WGWC: African Woman

Since the team’s arrival in Johannesburg however, they have been dealing with health issues due to Malaria. AfrobeatRadio will bring you the WGWC team’s experience in South Africa, and a final interview on their overall experience in Africa shortly. While we wait, we wish the sick members of the WGWC a speedy recovery. In the mean time, while in Nigeria, WGWC brings you a short video of a Nigerian woman’s perspective on the roles of women in African societies and what needs to be done to strive for equality.

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Abused, humiliated and abandoned.

On a sunny April morning earlier this year, a plane took off from Heathrow’s northern runway at a little after 6.30am and turned towards the South coast. Unlike other flights, this one didn’t appear on any of the airport’s departure boards. Nor were those on board holidaymakers or businessmen. Instead, this secret flight carried 15 failed asylum-seekers, who were being forcibly removed from the United Kingdom by 45 private security guards.

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We are going to the World Cup: Nigeria

After exciting Ghana and a brief stop in Benin, we arrived in Lagos, Nigeria. We had heard many a story of the troubles we would surely encounter in this supposedly hostile country. We are happy to report that from what we experienced, nothing could be further from the truth. While there are most likely precautions that are required in select locales, the whole of Nigeria is certainly not a hotspot.

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Honest Nigerians: the Ultimate Victim of Identity Thieves?

I watched yesterday the Current TV’s Vanguard report titled Soccer’s Lost Boys (see trailer here) about scams affecting several thousands of young African soccer players who ended being abandoned, at various locations outside of their native countries, by illegitimate, mostly Africa-based agents, after the agents manage to collect steep fees from them just for a chance (read “a dream”) of playing for any pro soccer team outside of Africa, mainly in the Europe.

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Ujima in the Open

Ujima means cooperation in Swahili, East African language spoken by more than 50 million people. In a traditional sense it applies to working for the good of a local community, such as working in the fields or building something for common benefit. However, when ujima was transited from the traditional local community forum into the international cooperation area, the original good intent associated with it seems to often get lost.

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R.I.P Da Grin

Da’ Grin, born in 1987 as Olayitan Olanipekun Oladapo, is dead at the tender age of 23. The Nigerian rapper never recovered after the devastating car accident last week when his car run into a cement carrying truck. He passed away on April 22nd at 8:30pm during the treatment for his head and upper body injuries he received at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.