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Pledge To Support “Elders Corner” On Kickstarter

Elder’s Corner is musical journey through pivotal moments in the colorful history of Nigeria as told through the lives and careers of the nations foremost music legends. It is a story about the eroding effects of colonialism, bitter ethnic clashes, politics, oil, power, money and their combined effects on a nation that recently celebrated its 50th year of self rule.

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How To Read Wikileaks

There is a great deal of discussion, particularly in Nigeria, of the impact of Wikileaks on the perception of Nigerian policy by the U.S. Government. This is unfortunate because the readers are not fully aware of the nature of these cables and how they were produced. This leads to unwarranted distress.

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The Imp Of The Perverse

Words cannot express the utter stupidity and self-destructiveness of US policy in allying itself to the rabble of Ouattara and his friends. What government in Africa will ever trust or deal openly with such a maniacal formulation of national interest on the part of the US. The US is at war in Africa. To win, or survive, requires helping one’s friends and punishing one’s enemies. What imp of the perverse can have gotten things so wrong; and so often?

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Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria

Organized by the Museum for African Art in New York, in collaboration with the Fundación Marcelino Botín of Santander, Spain, and the Nigerian National Commission on Museums and Monuments, the exhibition will make 6 stops during its world tour. Upon premiering in England, the Ife exhibit was described as containing “artworks that rank with the Terracotta Army, the Parthenon, or the mask of Tutankhamun as treasures of the human spirit.”

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Voices Without Place

There is no democracy without proper representation. The main goal of any participatory democracy is not to enforce a rule of majority, nor allow for an excessive power of any minority but to establish and protect the rights of all citizens. That goal is also a key element in effective poverty fighting, achieving sustainable development and championing social justice. Proper channels for participating in governance must exist to reflect each public voice and allow for proper balancing of the democratic debate.

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Legal and diplomatic circles in Lagos are baffled by the unfolding drama involving the Nigerian police, the American FBI, the Nigerian judiciary and an American businessmen the United States government wants to try over the Willbros scandal. Now the defense lawyer in the case is alerting the public of pending illegal extradition of the suspect.

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Inside Out presents Wunmi

Wunmi Olaiya is a British born Nigerian singer, dancer and fashion designer. She grew up Lagos in the shadow of her uncle, the great highlife maestro and one of Nigeria’s leading musicians Victor Olaiya. Inside Out’s producer and presenter, Steve White speaks with Wunmi. The conversation was broadcast on AfrobeatRadio on WBAI PACIFICA Radio (99.5 FM).

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President Jonathan Replaces Security Chiefs, Consolidates Power Before Elections

In a long awaited move and in a move observers say is a consolidation of his hold on power, Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan replaced heads of security and military services on Wednesday.

He was also reported as having told the ruling party (PDP) governors that he will be running for Office of President in the coming elections. According to Reuters, Imo State Governor Ikedi Okahim, a member of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), told reporters Jonathan had made his intentions known at a meeting with PDP governors in the presidential villa late on Tuesday.

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Tunde Kelani: Cinema With a Social Vision

Tunde Kelani has played a central if not pivotal role in Nigerian Cinema. He has contributed to most of the the feature films on celluloid that have been made since the 1970s. His credits as cinematographer include such films as Anikura, Ogun Ajaye, Iya Ni Wura, Taxi Driver, Fopomoyo, and Iwa. His own feature film credits include, Ti Oluwa Nile, Ayo Ni Mo Fe, Koseegbe, Oleku, Saworoide, Thunderbolt, Agogo Eewo.

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Femi Kuti and the Struggle for Fela’s Legacy

Fèmi Kuti; one of the princes’ of afrobeat, played New York City at Lincoln Centre on the 12th of this month. I understand that it was not as packed as he would have liked. Frankly, that was the biggest Fèmi news of the day. In a New York Times article published that morning, Kuti was quoted as saying that he was not planning to see the popular Broadway show about his father [afrobeat creator, Féla Kuti] as he was protesting for the show to come to Lagos at the Shrine; the nightclub that his father founded and which he now runs.