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The Failure Of The Liberian Runoff Election

Wherever there is oil the level of transparency diminishes. Winston Tubman is doomed to face the financial might of Chevron and the military might of the US Department of Defense. If Mrs, Sirleaf-Johnson rigged the first election there is no reason why she not be expected to rig the runoff. Hence, the boycott.
What future for Africa when it continues to cosy up to international bullies for short-term cash advantages?

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Liberia; No-bel for President, No-Water For Residents

The most likely ex-President of Liberia has been given a share of one of the western worlds most prestigious awards, the Nobel Peace Prize yet the residents of the capital Monrovia have not had running water for the full 6 years of her term in office.
Lack of clean drinking water has killed more people in Liberia, as a part of the world as a whole, than all the violence and wars combined.

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The Imp Of The Perverse

Words cannot express the utter stupidity and self-destructiveness of US policy in allying itself to the rabble of Ouattara and his friends. What government in Africa will ever trust or deal openly with such a maniacal formulation of national interest on the part of the US. The US is at war in Africa. To win, or survive, requires helping one’s friends and punishing one’s enemies. What imp of the perverse can have gotten things so wrong; and so often?

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The matter of Charles Taylor of Liberia, warlord, ex-president and indicted war criminal, which had been simmering for nearly three years, suddenly and briefly became the globe’s lead story last month.

For more than two years, Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo had resisted international pressure to terminate the asylum he had provided Taylor in the Nigerian city of Calabar. The dynamics shifted two months ago when Liberians inaugurated the first female president in Africa. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf demanded Nigeria surrender Taylor. With ill grace, Obasanjo responded, “Fine; come and get him.” Almost immediately, Taylor took to his heels and disappeared.

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Art of the Heart

Liberia, a West African state, went through years of political and social unrest that turned the lives of millions of people upside down and left behind 200,000 fatalities. The years of convoluted political puzzle and violence ended with one of the main players in the conflicts, Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia, being charged by Special Court for Sierra Leone in the Hague, Netherlands (Holland), with 11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other serious violations of international humanitarian law.