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The Imp Of The Perverse

Words cannot express the utter stupidity and self-destructiveness of US policy in allying itself to the rabble of Ouattara and his friends. What government in Africa will ever trust or deal openly with such a maniacal formulation of national interest on the part of the US. The US is at war in Africa. To win, or survive, requires helping one’s friends and punishing one’s enemies. What imp of the perverse can have gotten things so wrong; and so often?

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A Lesson Worth Learning: Guinea’s Past, Present, and Hopeful Future

The Republic of Guinea, Conakry on the western coast of Africa has a history that mirrors that of many other countries on the African continent. From Colonialism, Imperialism, and dictatorships, Guinea has managed up until the present to avoid major ethnic clashes.
Although there has always been ethnic tensions that have hovered over the Guinean society, Peuhl, Malinke, Susu, Kisi and all other groups have found ways to live as one nation. The current outbreak of ethnic violence in the wake of the first and second rounds of elections has roots in the beginning of the modern Guinean state.

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Changing How We Practice Solidarity.

If Africans had to pick a Western political ideology prior to colonialism and the pressures that colonial powers placed on modern African states, by default, they would have likely chosen socialism. Pan-Africanists such as Kwame Nkrumah and Sekou Toure couldn’t have made it any clearer during their time.

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Focus on Guinea.

With the run-off elections postponed again in Guinea, our guests are Jennifer Swift-Morgan from the election monitoring outfit Alliance Guinea; and three Guinean Journalists including Nassirou Diallo, who was at the stadium covering the event when the massacre of more 200 people and the raped of women by the soldiers of the Guinean military junta occurred on Sept 28, 2009 massacre; Abduoulaye Diallo, who recently returned from Guinea and Mamadou Diallo.

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Djibouti and Guinea Pledge to Send Troops to Somalia

The head of the African Union on Friday has said that two more countries will send troops to join the African Mission for peacekeeping in Somalia (AMISOM). Mr Jean Ping AU commission president said that Djibouti and Guinea will both send troops to the ravaged country to boost the overwhelmed contingent of Uganda and Burundi forces, bringing the estimated troops levels to 10,000. The AU mission currently has about 6,000 troops from Uganda and Burundi in Somalia. At least 21,000 civilians are believed to have been killed in the violence over the last years, while 1.5 million have been forced to flee their homes.

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Madagascar, Guinea & Niger trade benefits stopped

US President Barack Obama has stopped Madagascar, Guinea and Niger from receiving trade benefits for a year. Mr Obama said that each of these countries “have experienced an undemocratic transfer of power” and that they had failed to make “continual progress” in meeting US requirements for The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act.