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Africa Day: A Reflection On African Unity And Solidarity 48 Years Later

Apart from a Michael Essien’s Africa 11 versus World 11 charity soccer game held in Accra, Ghana to promote peace in Africa, the official celebration at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa and similar functions in a number of African states, the 48th Anniversary of Africa Day came and went without much interest and notice by many Africans in the African continent and diaspora.

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Ghana’s 54th Independence Celebration

Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011
Time: 10am to 4PM
Where: Presbyterian Church of Ghana, 259-261 W 123rd St

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Where: Armenia Center, 630 2nd Ave
Time: 7PM
attire is traditional or formal

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The Soul of African Music Lies in Our Traditional Instruments Says Atongo

The soul of African music, says Atongo Zimba, lies in our traditional musical instruments. Atongo Zimba, is a master of the Koloko, a two stringed Calabash lute played in the savannahs of northern Ghana. His music, a fusion of the traditional and the modern, is rooted in this tradition.

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African Democracy Series: The Challenges

This post is the fourth one in a series titled African Democracy that deals with the issues related to democratization process in Africa in the contexts of its historic and contemporary local realities. The general presumption of the series is that immense complexities Africa represents are not necessarily suitable for a direct adaptation of an “American version of Democracy” and that the task of democratization of Africa may require a paradigm shift in defining what is truly involved in building a system that is socially, politically, economically and ecologically just but also feasibly implementable in Africa by peaceful means.

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Ghana’s Prez Mills will be impeached if… Says  Ndebugri

A Former Peoples National Convention (PNC) MP for Zebila, John Ndebugri has stated that President Mills would be impeached if he openly supports the vitriolic utterances made by the ruling NDC Party Chairman Kwabena Adjei against the Judiciary.

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We are going to the World Cup: Ghana

Traveling from Assinie, Côte d’Ivoire to Accra, Ghana was an adventure in and of itself, hitchhiking in the early morning, negotiating with an obstinate bush taxi driver, cramming ourselves into a mini-bus with 9 other people and all of our collective luggage. Quite the up close and personal way to get to know the local people!

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Philosophy for a Common Folk

For me the time after the New Year is always a strange time: hopes mixing with dis-illusions seem to be a common thread of it. And it is also a quite reflective time. This takes me directly to the issue at hand: how much philosophy is able to help us, common folks, to succeed in everyday lives. What makes it harder for us is that we tend to connect our personal philosophy to our circumstances.

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Winter Holiday’s Slavery

Seeing New York City in December must feel like being transported to another world for some Africa-born visitors when visiting it for the first time. And it is not about snow: Africans from parts of Morocco, Tunisia, Lesotho, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa might be well familiar with it.