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Support Gabonese Hunger Striker Roland Désiré Aba’a

Sometimes ‘little’ people can make history too. When Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia last December, he started a blaze that created the Arab Spring. The same may happen with Roland Désiré Aba’a, who is on hunger strike against “the French occupation” of his country.

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Democratic Uprisings Brutally Suppressed In Many African Countries

Northern Africa is not the only part of Africa where uprisings are taking place. In countries like Swaziland, Gabon, Cameroon, Djibouti, and Burkina Faso we’ve seen massive student uprisings and worker demonstrations brutally suppressed in most cases. Editor-in-chief of Pambazuka News Firoze Manji talks to the Real News Network about what’s happening in Southern Africa.

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Creating African Dynasties

The political culture of dynasties is very much alive in Africa even where there are no kingdoms.

In Uganda the opposition has claimed that President Yoweri Museveni is grooming his eldest son Lieutenant Colonel Kaneirugaba Muhoozi, 36, to succeed him.

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Gabon: Two Rival Presidents, One Accused of Embezzlement

After spending one month in refuge at the offices of the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) in Libreville, Gabon, self-proclaimed president André Mba Obame and his government finally left the building on February 27. An agreement was reached with the official government of President Ali Bongo thanks to mediation by the UN, but this has not stilled the movement for change in Gabon. The unrest has been ongoing since January 25, when the unofficial president Mba Obame took his oath.

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Uprising in Gabon

Not many people know of the ongoing uprising in the west African country of Gabon. Julie Owono, International relations analyst and consultant, talks to AfrobeatRadio on the state of democracy in Gabon. Julie Owono blogs at Global Voices on a special coverage of Gabon Unrest 2011 on for Global. You can read her latest article: Gabon: Leaderless Opposition?

This interview was broadcast on March 12, 2011 as a segment of AfrobeatRadio on WBAI 99.5 FM.

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Gabon: A Family Business without Accounting.

A family business in the business world is a commendable enterprise. If you own a family business, since it affects the livelihood of your entire family, you most likely find yourself wanting your next generation to contribute to it and to benefit from it. A prudent business wisdom fully supports the benefits of a family business. This, however, turns entirely into a negative situation when it is applied to a national political arena; “family business” and “national democracy” by default are always antonymous.