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30,000 Bombs Over Libya

With an estimated 2 Libyans killed per bomb and without a single NATO casualty the Western regimes have massacred over 60,000 Libyans in the past half year with the rebels themselves having said there have been 50,000 Libyan deaths.
The one thing that is clear is that the Libyan Tragedy has just begun and that the capture of most of northern Libya by the NATO backed rebels is just its first phase … marks the beginning rather than the end of this disaster.

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A Mother Cannot Give Birth To Something Bigger Than Herself

How long will this farce of pretend government in the Ivory Coast be tolerated by the other African states?
Ouattara cannot control the warlords who actually run his country. He admitted during his visit to Washington that he is afraid for his life. That is why he spends most of his time out of the country on ‘missions’ which keep him away from the assassin’s bullets.

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NATO’s Attack On Libyan TV An Outrage

NATO Friday night attacked the Libyan television station in Tripoli killing three people and injuring 15 others in direct violation of their own UN Resolution 1973 which stipulates they may attack military targets “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi” and to impose a ‘no-fly zone’.

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Africans Pay For The Bullets The French Use To Kill Them

The French Treasury is holding billions of dollars owned by the African states of the francophone nations of West and Central Africa in its own accounts and invested in the French Bourse.
Even Bernie Madoff couldn’t have constructed a Ponzi scheme that large without being exposed.

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Norway killings And Our Selective Outrage

What happened in Oslo Friday is a tragedy but it is no different than what is happening in the world on a daily basis. What is different is it happened to blond-haired-blue-eyed kids. What I find outrageous is that all of a sudden we are shocked in our comfortable Western countries. There are some deaths that are worth more than others in our selective outrage. Let me explain briefly.

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Niger, Collateral Damage Of NATO’s War On Libya

Two-hundred-and-ten-thousand Niger citizens have returned to their home country to flee the fighting in Libya. People like Mallam Abdou who worked as a garbage-man in Ourba and sent 300 dinar (150 euros) back home every month. Multiply that by the number of Niger workers who have come back, and you get the scale of the disaster France, the UK and the US have imposed on the countries of the Sahel.

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Libya And NATO’s ‘mauvaise foi’

Mauvaise foi: that is what the French call a bare-faced lie you tell to a person you know is aware you are lying but you pretend everything is up front and normal. This year, in Cote d’Ivoire and Libya, the French have demonstrated they are the masters at mauvaise foi.
UN Resolution 1970 imposed a military embargo on Libya but this week we learned the French have been parachuting arms to the rebels since the beginning of June.

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Five Lunacies of Equitorial Guinea

Bantu-speaking peoples, predominantly Fang, establish the majority of population of the Equatorial Guinea. Bantu have a proverb that deals with the common sense: “There are forty kinds of lunacy, but only one kind of common sense.” Based on how the Equatorial Guinea is currently governed it’s clear that the common sense stopped applying there long time ago violating the great historical and cultural of the Bantu speakers who introduced Iron Age and an agriculture civilization into a surrounding Neolithic hunting and gathering societies very early and probably around the sixth century BC.

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Leaked French Documents Show Cote d’Ivoire Strategy At UN Of France On Liberia, Mali & Even San Francisco

With Cote d’Ivoire’s defiant Laurent Gbagbo surrounded after French and UN military action in Abidjan’s Cocody neighborhood, internal French government documents obtained by Inner City Press and published exclusively today [8/4/11] paint a picture of France’s communications with the UN Mission UNOCI, its analysis of the politics of Guillaume Soro, Liberia and the Malian press, even its recycling of a French diplomat arrested in New York as France’s new general consul in San Francisco.

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On Reprisals In Cote d’Ivoire, Juppe & UN Speak Of Past But Not Protection

Amid reports of attacks on supporters of Laurent Gbagbo by the forces of Alassane Ouattara in Cote d’Ivoire, there appears to have been a hiatus in the “protection of civilians” trumpeted earlier this year by the UN and the French “Force Licorne” or Unicorn.
Last week Inner City Press asked the UN what its mission in Ivory Coast, ONUCI, is doing to protect civilians, and how it responds to reports of the killings of those perceived to support Gbagbo. Transcript below. So far there has been no answer.