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To Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and Bernard Ntaganda

This post began as an online collection of Christmas and New Yeer’s wishes for Rwandan opposition leaders Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and Bernard Ntaganda, and for the Rwandan people, and African people of the wider region, who have suffered such brutal dictatorship and exploitation for so long. We’ve transferred it to Afrobeat to encourage everyone to continue sending their wishes, thoughts and plans to Victoire and Bernard here, for as long as they remain behind bars.

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Gabon: A Family Business without Accounting.

A family business in the business world is a commendable enterprise. If you own a family business, since it affects the livelihood of your entire family, you most likely find yourself wanting your next generation to contribute to it and to benefit from it. A prudent business wisdom fully supports the benefits of a family business. This, however, turns entirely into a negative situation when it is applied to a national political arena; “family business” and “national democracy” by default are always antonymous.