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The Imp Of The Perverse

Words cannot express the utter stupidity and self-destructiveness of US policy in allying itself to the rabble of Ouattara and his friends. What government in Africa will ever trust or deal openly with such a maniacal formulation of national interest on the part of the US. The US is at war in Africa. To win, or survive, requires helping one’s friends and punishing one’s enemies. What imp of the perverse can have gotten things so wrong; and so often?

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I’m a PC, I’m a Mac = Conflict Minerals in the Congo

For much of well over a one hundred years, the DRC, as it is known for short, has been mired in war and violence of unimaginable proportions except for three periods of relative calm. While not the only mineral fueling the war in the Congo, coltan (columbite–tantalite) is the mineral at the center of issues. 80% World’s known reserves are in Congo (DRC), mostly in the Eastern provinces of Kivus and Orientale.

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C’Wealth plans monitor team for Rwanda’s presidential election

The Commonwealth has announced a plan to send a monitoring team to Rwanda’s August presidential election in which incumbent Paul Kagame is likely to seek a second seven-year term. On his first visit to Kigali since Rwanda joined the 54-member organisation last year, Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma said the Commonwealth would assist in strengthening the central African country’s electoral commission.