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Resource Sovereignty: Congo, Africa, and the Global South

Presidential polls are approaching on November 28th in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but few observers expect them to be free or fair. The country’s Parliament has changed the Constitution to favor sitting President Joseph Kabila with one round or winner-take-all voting, in which opposition candidates would be expected to divide the opposition vote, leaving Kabila with the most votes and no run-off to face.

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Flawed High Court Ruling Against Political Prisoner Victoire Ingabire.

“I am a political prisoner (…) don’t be afraid, nothing will stop the ongoing political change”, Ingabire told the High Court today after the presiding judge ordered the hearing to proceed.
After three days of deliberations the High Court revealed its decision on Ingabire defence submissions on the non-retroactivity of the criminal law … “the defense procedural submissions on jurisdiction are baseless and the hearings must proceed without any further delay”, said the presiding judge.

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NY Afro Fest 2011: No Small Money Brass Band

No Small Money Brass Band performed two awesome sets to close the night at BUKA Restaurant in Brooklyn. One of NYC’s hottest dance party sensations. Inspired by the rhythms, folk songs, highlife classics, indigenous church and big brass band music traditions of Africa and the Caribbean. No Small Money is really bringing something new to the dance floors of New York City. And folks are dancing!

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Root Words: A Celebration & Discussion of African Literature

The Literary Conference followed, after the panel had to be moved to wbai radio station due to technical difficulties. The panel’s theme: Root Words: A Celebration & Discussion of African Literature. Our panelists are Catherine E. McKinley, author of Indigo: In Search of the Color That Seduced the World; Tanya Wright, author of Butterfly Rising, actress (HBO series True Blood) and director; Ngozi Achebe author of Onaedo – The Blacksmith’s Daughter; FitzGerald Chinemerem Ajoku author of “Continental Drift” The African, African American Experience and Marva Allen partner and CEO of Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe in Harlem.

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NY Afro Fest 2011: Tuelo le Badimo

The music is exhilarating. The banter between band members, the improvisation with Anthony Sloan and the play on words and songs, the restaurant bell chiming in at inordinately appropriate moments, the foot traffic and street conversations, even MTA buses and vehicular traffic contributed to this unique Brooklyn experience. Tuelo le Badimo led by Tuelo Minah truly brought down the blessings of the Ancestors to NY Afro Fest 2011.

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NY Afro Fest 2011: Afrobeat With Asiko

Afrobeat band, Asiko led by Folorunso Kolade, AKA Bros Foly, opened the NY Afro Fest 2011 with a great performance at BUKA Restaurant in Brooklyn. Look for Asiko on AfrobeatRadio on WBAI soon.

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Wikileaks Ethiopia Files; Ethiopia Bombs Itself, blames Eritrea, Oromos 2006, 2011?

In a report from 2006 marked “Secret ; Subject: Ethiopia: Recent Bombings Blamed on Oromos Possibly the Work of GOE [Government of Ethiopia]…by: Charge [d’Affairs] Vicki Huddleston”, “An embassy source, as well as clandestine reporting, suggests that the bombing may have in fact been the work of the GoE security forces.” Cable reference id: #06ADDISABABA2708