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How To Read Wikileaks

There is a great deal of discussion, particularly in Nigeria, of the impact of Wikileaks on the perception of Nigerian policy by the U.S. Government. This is unfortunate because the readers are not fully aware of the nature of these cables and how they were produced. This leads to unwarranted distress.

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Mauritania: Press Freedom Is Sand In Your Eyes

But the authorities, and their western backers, would have us believe that when five private press groups get a license to broadcast radio and TV for the first time this October, it will represent a major change. This opening of the airwaves is Sahara sand in our eyes to hide the real racial nature of a regime which has become an important actor in “the war on terrorism”.

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Michelle Materre On Film Series “Creatively Speaking”

On Saturday September 3rd, 2011, Michelle Materre, Curator of the film series “Creatively Speaking” joins AfrobeatRadio’s Wuyi Jacobs at WBAI radio studios live to talk about The film series opening at the BAMcinématek in Brooklyn on September 17 to 18, 2011.

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How Much Of Dr. King Can A $120 million Corporate Monument Buy?

On Saturday September 3rd, 2011, we were honored to have with us via telephone two African American writers, activists, and radio hosts to speak with us about the controversy surrounding the new Martin Luther King Memorial Monument now in place between the Lincoln and Washington Monuments in Washington D.C..
Our guests are Kevin Alexander Gray and Dr. Jared Ball.

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Wikileaks Exposes UN Eritrean Sanction Lies

The recently released, and long awaited, Wikileaks Files on Ethiopia expose the lies used to justify UN inSecurity Council Sanctions in force against the little Horn of African country Eritrea.

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30,000 Bombs Over Libya

With an estimated 2 Libyans killed per bomb and without a single NATO casualty the Western regimes have massacred over 60,000 Libyans in the past half year with the rebels themselves having said there have been 50,000 Libyan deaths.
The one thing that is clear is that the Libyan Tragedy has just begun and that the capture of most of northern Libya by the NATO backed rebels is just its first phase … marks the beginning rather than the end of this disaster.

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Protest Funding Of Genocide & Humanitarian Blockade In Ethiopia

September 7th 2011
National and International Protest Against Tax-Dollars Indirectly Funding Genocide in the Ogaden & the Illegal Humanitarian Blockade in Ogaden
Minneapolis MN * San Diego CA * Los Angeles CA * Fargo ND * Denver CO * Dallas, Texas * Stockholm Sweden … and more

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The Independent: Rebels settle scores in Libyan capital

The Libyan rebels have been meting out brutal treatment to sub-Saharan Africans in Tripoli, suspecting that they are Gaddafi loyalists. The killings were pitiless.
Some of the dead were on stretchers, attached to intravenous drips. Some were on the back of an ambulance that had been shot at. A few were on the ground, seemingly attempting to crawl to safety when the bullets came.

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Babies For Sale In Ethiopia

Angelina Jolie should come clean and tell the world what she really “donated” to get her little Ethiopian girl. Somehow though I wont hold my breath for it wasn’t that long ago that Ms. Jolie was calling for the USA to declare war and invade Sudan. Buy an African baby from Ethiopia and then bomb some African villages in next door neighbor Sudan, its Hollyweird isn’t it?