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Obama Supports Lynching Africans in Libya

26 October 2011 26 October 2011 Tags: , 4 Comments Print This Post Print This Post

Barack Hussein Obama, son of an African and the first Black President in the White House has supported the lynching of untold thousands of Africans and Black Libyans by the racist para-militaries who now rule Libya.

Bodies of black men hanging from highways. Bound and tortured bodies of Africans dumped along the roadsides. Am I talking about Libya or Louisiana?

And all under the approving eye of the first Black President of the USA.

The lynching of Africans in Libya has been so bad that African leaders across the continent have been forced to raise their voices in protest. When the President of Nigeria, the USA’s unofficial enforcer in West Africa leads an African wide outcry against the lynching of his citizens in Libya one would assume that it was heard in the Obama White House.

With the murder or expulsion of most of Libya’s African migrant population well on its way came the massacre and ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Black Libyans.

And all the while Barack Obama and his band of criminal cohorts in the western capitals and television news channels strung together words like “pro-democracy”, “freedom fighters” and “liberation” to describe the orgy of looting and lynching being carried out.

When Black Libyans took up arms to defend their families and homes from the Libyan lynch mobs they found themselves the beneficiaries of “pro-democracy” high explosives, delivered from on high by a freedom loving NATO air force.

Bombed from on high, lynched on the ground, the only choice is to flee for your lives and that is what hundreds of thousands of Black Libyan have been forced to do.

And all under the approving eye of the first Black President in the White House.

Should we be surprised at such serpentine behavior by the first Black President? Isn’t this the guy who raised over $500 million to help him buy the White House, with $300 million of that from Wall Street?

Isn’t this the guy who surrounded himself before his election with the very worst criminals from the Clinton White house such as Anthony Lake, Susan Rice, Gayle Smith and Eric Holder?

But isn’t Barack Obama supposed to know what it’s like to be a black man in AmeriKKKa? Didn’t he used to attend a militant black church where the minister preached the Lord’s damnation upon the racist and genocidal rulers of the USA?

The brutal truth is that, like the shepherd’s dog taken as a pup from its mother to suckle at the tit of a sheep, Barack Hussein Obama spent those most critical teenage years being the only black kid in a school of thousands (Note; this writer attended the same school as Barack Obama, Punahou, some half a dozen years before him).

Punahou is one of the most elite schools in the USA, founded in Hawaii by Yankee missionaries who so famously brought the bible and took the Hawaiians land.

Today Punahou’s alumni include names that adorn the headquarters of multinational corporations like Dole Foods.

Barack Obama discovered what the white man wanted to hear from a black boy at an early age and apparently never forgot it.

From Punahou eventually to Harvard, Obama learned what the elite needed to hear if you wanted to get ahead even if it meant black is white, up is down and wrong is right.

So today we have the spectacle of a son of an African, the first Black President in the White house, broadcasting his approval for all the world to see that Libya or Louisiana, if lynching Africans is what it takes, God Bless the USA…and no where else.


Thomas C. Mountain is the only independent western journalist in the Horn of Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be contacted at thomascmountain at yahoo dot com.


  • Asar Hondo said:

    Obama is not Black, but that is yet another subject. What more can be said about this homogenized Negro, I cringe every time I seen him on the t.v or here him on the radio. He has betrayed any essence of him which "was" Black to be a token inbred mutant albino (white person). Obama what has he done for you Black people? Answer placed you minds in a state of confusion since you wish not believe that this token who plays him self of as an Black man is a white lackey.

  • Dave said:

    Obama and every person in his administration connected with ordering the U.S. military to support NATO operations against Libya is a war criminal. Obama isn’t capable, and probably never was, of speaking the truth. He says one thing, makes a promise then turns his back and does exactly the opposite. Go to whitehouse.gov, Briefing Room and read some of his “speeches and remarks”. While Libya is being bombed, its innocent civilians murdered, tortured, lynched or assassinated Obama is talking about democracy and liberation having finally come to Libya.

    And what has Obama done for black Americans – not a damn thing.

  • Mark B said:

    I find it amusing that, being a well documented supporter of human right violators himself, Mr. Mountain's still assumes he can be a legitimate voice of the justice for black Africans. Welcome, AR readers, to the PR war in Africa where being guilty by association seems to be a norm.

  • Nziza Bigera said:

    i would like to see justice being around the world, take the mantle means Criminal and we needed peace for anybody. lucky and to all blessed.

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