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Rwanda’s RDF Soldiers Illegally Acquiring DR Congo Voter Registration Cards

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Currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), authorities are issuing voter registration cards to citizens for the upcoming presidential elections. This voter registration card a provisional substitute the personal ID, and will distinguish the citizens of DRC eligible to vote.

Reliable news has reached Umuvugizi from Eastern Congo, confirming that opportunists including the Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF), have been exploiting this opportunity. Under the guise of being Congolese citizens, RDF soldiers are registering to vote. This is a scheme that will allow them to live in the country, while carrying out their destructive activities without interruption.

Rwandan RDF Soldiers

This news indicates that voter registration must be completed by June 30, 2011. Most recently, those registering are strictly Rwandans, and mostly RDF soldiers, disguising themselves in civilian clothing.

An undercover reporter for Umuvugizi disguised as a Congolese person in Goma, witnessed crossing the border into Goma, and returning, moving back and fourth, taking without fear, DRC provisional (voter) identity cards, and pretending to be Congolese citizens.

While on a small road block on the boarder, the Umuvugizi reporter witnessed that on the Congo side, the police have become suspicious of surging numbers of young people crossing back and fourth into Congo for many different reasons. But they are unable to discover/expose them due to their slick maneuvers.

It’s also possible that among those who issue voter registration cards, there are those who are bribed by Kagame’s leadership, and offer registration cards liberally to RDF soldiers.

A returning and falsely registered full blooded Rwandan admitted to the Umuvugizi reporter that he had crossed with the RDF troops, who were pretending to be oblivious, while keeping the cards on their persons. He said, “After registering for the cards, they hide them very well, that even if you were to search them, you could not find them. They come back to Rwanda as though they were just visiting or shopping in Congo.”

Our source observed the means by which they hid those stolen voting cards from Congo, which they plan to use to obtain DRC personal ID’s, and realized that this scheme was well planned. He said, “do you know that they hide them in their underwear.”

Once they have crossed the border and have reached Rwandan soil, they sigh from relief and immediately find a private place to remove the voting card.

Without a doubt, though there are some who register in North Kivu in Goma, there are also others who go to South Kivu in Bukavu.

It is easy for Rwandan soldiers, who once invaded the region, to answer necessary questions for acquiring a voting card, questions such as one’s neighborhood of residence.

It’s very helpful for these troops because one is immediately photographed, and goes home successfully with a voting card. (We abstain from showing the side of the voting card with the picture, however, the picture is of a Rwandan who illegally acquired his voter ID card)

In recent times, we informed you how Rwandan troops have returned to DR Congo for killing and looting. Therefore, once these troops acquire these official documents, it will aid them in carrying out their plans without disruption. This is not surprising however, as those who create chaos in DR Congo are usually working for the government of Kagame. They continue to invent and reinvent new means of marauding wealth of that country.

Written by Jb Gasasira


Jb Gasasira writes from Växjö, Sweden. He can be reached at gasasirajb@gmail.com

This article is by written by Jb Gasasira in Kinyarwanda, a Rwandan language, and translated into English by AG, a friend of AfrobeatRadio.


  • Ann_Garrison said:

    This is great. I just posted it to my FB page.

  • James Munyaneza said:

    Utter rubbish! Illogical claims…And someone things its a 'great' story!! Its a shame some pple have degenerated to this cheap and naked politicking!

  • Visitor said:

    Ann, the link to the Kinyarwanda version of the article you referred does not lead to the real source. You might have confused between Umuvugizi blog (on wordpress) and Umuvugizi Newspaper by Gasasira (the real source). Check it out!

  • Faraj said:

    Nice ..James your last name really sound familiar….. It's no surprise you'll say negative things about this article…

  • AfrobeatRadio (author) said:

    Many thanks. Links have been corrected.

  • Mark B said:

    Is "rubbish" all the news which doesn't appear in The New Times? If so, a logical conclusion might be that what some call "rubbish" might be just an alternative point of view and any instant dismissal of it just makes it more plausible.

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