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The UN’s Very Own Genocide At Hand; Ban Ki-Moon Learns from Gadhaffi

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Dr. Gary K. Busch

This morning the world’s press was full of stories that Belarus had violated the UN embargo on arms shipments to the Ivory Coast by purportedly sending three MI-24 helicopters to Yamoussoukro. Both Belarus and the legitimate government of the Ivory Coast also denied the story. On the basis of this supposed shipment of arms Ban Ki-Moon has called for an urgent meeting of the Security Council.

The facts are very different. There are three Mi-24 helicopter gunships which have just arrived in the Ivory Coast. They were acquired by the United Nations peacekeepers and are being stored in Bouake, in the North. This is the rebel’s headquarters. In an order issued to the UN forces in the Ivory Coast on 27 February 2011 Brigadier General Benjamin Freeman Kusi, the Chief in Command of the ONUCI (UN peacekeepers) reported the news of the arrival of the Mi-26 helicopters . He wrote:

“5- Mission

To temporarily reinforce the capacity of action of ONUCI we have deployed in Ivory Coast 3 x MI-24 combat helicopters which will make it possible for the U.N. Force to maintain peace and safety in the country. It will be initially a defensive and dissuasive force. The unit will operate especially on the Bouaké-Yamoussoukro-Abidjan axes but with an operational capacity on the whole of the national territory.

6- Execution

Objective: the deployment of the combat helicopters by ONUCI will be used to reinforce the capacity of the current air force of the ONUCI definitively to ensure the superiority of this force in this field.


  1. Helicopters MI-24 will be been parked in Bouake with Ghanaian control
  2. The MI-24 will be under Topcon of the ONUCI
  3. The helicopters will start from Bouake and will be supplied while fuelling in Abidjan (at the bases of the French Unicorn Force ) and at Daloa
  4. The operation of the MI-24 will be defined by the Air Ops with the agreement of the Force Commander
  5. The authority authorising the shooting from the MI-24 will come from the Force Commander of the ONUCI or from any other entity according to the situation”

In short the UN forces have prepared to shoot at Ivoirians from helicopter gunships on the basis of a command from the ONUCI. This is, of course, the same situation as the protestors have been facing in Benghazi, strafing and bombing runs against civilians by foreign soldiers obeying an illegal and immoral command and commander.

There has been no authorisation by the UN Security Council for this policy. The green light to shoot at unarmed civilians was given on the 26th of February 2011 by Ban Ki-Moon’s henchman and UN fixer, Choi, who was named the UN representative in the Ivory Coast. In a press interview given by the UN soldiers in Abidjan at the Hotel Sebroko, they announced that they had been given a clear order by Jin Choi to open fire on anyone who stood in the way of UN operations on the ground in the Ivory Coast. When asked further whether this meant unarmed civilians Choi answered. “shoot anyone who will interfere in the exercise of your duties, the Boss (BAN KI-MOON) gave us the go-ahead; nothing would happen”. (TWN radio 26/2/11)

The immediate result of this order ocurred in Daloa, the third biggest town. There, a police officer, the son of Martin GROGUHET former PDCI Deputy Mayor of DALOA, was shot to death with a bullet in the back while he was leaving UNOCI headquarter after freeing three Young Patriots taken hostage by those soldiers following a peaceful negotiation. There was no appeal. No prosecution. Across the Ivory Coast the rebels, who have been re-armed by the UN with heavy weapons, have attacked the FANCII and FDS (government forces) to try and provoke a response. When they do respond the rebels (usually dressed in UN uniforms) claim ‘genocide’ or ‘disproportional force’. Now, with the ‘kill order’ issued by Choi the carnage is likely to grow.

Where else but at the largest unsupervised asylum for sociopaths in Turtle Bay does this make any sense? Who authorised a shoot to kill policy to the UN troops? The rebels were supposed to be disarmed. Indeed this was part of every treaty and agreement they signed. Why has the UN added to their weapons with RPGs, mines, tanks and now helicopters? What kind of lunacy is this when the UN debates sanctions against Libya in the morning for doing exactly what the UN itself is agreeing to do against the Ivory Coast in its afternoon session? Moreover, what on earth is Obama doing allying himself to such a policy? We can’t always rely on the Russians for insisting on moments of sanity.

So this red herring of the ‘news from Belarus’ is a dodge to allow Ban Ki-Moon and his henchman to get the UN Security Council to catch up with the vicious policies they have already implemented on the ground in the Ivory Coast. While the ’international community’ wrings its hands at Gadhaffi they might want to look over their shoulder and see the minor league Gadhaffi sitting at the main seat at the UN.


By Dr. Gary K. BuschGary K Busch, an international trades unionist, an academic, and a political affairs and business consultant.

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